South Africa – Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges

We have successfully tried and tested the following South African Cryptocurrency Exchanges. Read more about these exchanges by following the links.

In the past year, more Cryptocurrency Exchanges have been established in South Africa, and we have yet to review them. We plan on reviewing these shortly in the future and will update the website accordingly. Should you wish to contribute to any of these reviews, please submit your own experience to

Each Cryptocurrency Exchange has their own unique strengths, and also their own unique drawbacks. Although we have favorites, we wanted to write about South African Cryptocurrency Exchanges without bias. As always, be sure to do your own research when using any Crypto Exchange.

Store your Cryptocurrency in a wallet that you control. That is a wallet for which you have the private keys. Only deposit the funds that you intend to trade on an exchange. After trading, be sure to withdraw the balance back to your wallet.

If you are unsure about which wallet to use, the following are always a good start:

In addition, there are hardware wallets on the market available too:

Trezor hardwallets

We also need to stress the importance of Estate Planning. What happens in the unfortunate event of your passing? Have you made a plan to pass along your assets to your heirs? We suggest that you plan for this!

We hope that your experience with Cryptocurrency will be as awesome as we have found them to be.