About Us

Welcome to the most updated South African information portal for Bitcoin. Our practice of Cryptocurrency stems over years. We have been through past bull years and past bear years. Seen the rise of Altcoins, ICO’s, and IEO’s. Have seen the rise of .io and even that of Titcoin and Telegram.

We fell in love with Bitcoin when we got first hand experience transacting with it. Here was a money that could be sent to anyone within a couple of moments. No hassle, no fuss. It could be sent to a family member or a business associate across borders.

Cryptocurrency may sound complicated but its really simple to use. Wild volatility may be a thrill ride for profiteers. In reality we are faced with a monetary system challenging conventional ways of finance.

At hand lies a system that is a permanent and transparent database of the history of all financial transactions. This has phenomenal implications. If implemented correctly, it can aid the world by detecting and eliminating fraud and corruption.

At hand is a system that breaks down financial barriers that have excluded so many before from actively participating in the economy. We believe that this technology has a bright future ahead!

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